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A compact printer combining printing, scanning, and faxing features is the Canon Pixma TR4522. Both small and large businesses can benefit greatly from using this printing device. The compact Canon Pixma TR4522 offers straightforward, effective office printing. The multifunctional Canon Pixma TR4522 printer has the ability to print, scan, and fax documents. A Canon printer must be configured by the consumer after purchase. The Canon Pixma TR4522 wireless setup process should be reviewed by customers.

Additionally included are a document feeder and fax mode. Users can copy or scan numerous pages simultaneously using the automatic feeder. Both a USB computer and a network connection through a router are supported by the Canon Pixma TR4522 printer. Use the printer’s download software to connect to the internet and print entertainment or news information from online.

1. Configuration of the Canon Pixma TR4522

Buyers of the Pixma TR4522 printer are urged to complete the wireless setup procedure. The user will therefore be able to print, scan, and fax from anywhere in the house after the installation is finished. Follow the steps listed below to get started.

  • Turn the printer on by pressing the “ON” button.
  • It is highly recommended that users turn their printers “ON.”
  • Insert one end of the power cable in the outlet and the other end into the printer’s back to turn the Canon printer “ON.”
  • Pressing the power button will activate the printer’s control panel.
  • Press and hold the “Power” button.
  • It is now advised that users choose the printer’s language.
  • The language can be changed using the arrow keys.

2. install the Canon ink cartridge into the printer.

Let the print carriage holder stabilize before moving on to the next step. Once the carriage has stabilized, follow with the steps below to install the Canon printer cartridge.

  • Remove the tape from a Canon printer’s printer cartridge.
  • Printer contacts need to be kept spotless at all times.
  • Insert the color cartridge in the right slot after that and the black cartridge in the left slot.
  • The top should be used to insert Canon printer cartridges.
  • Keep your Canon printer cartridge secure after you’ve installed it.
  • The output cover should then be closed on the Canon printer.

3. Put paper in the tray.

  • When you hear a sound, remove the paper tray and stop moving.
  • Slide the purple paper guide to the right after that.
  • The user should then keep the paper in the paper tray after that.
  • Verify that you don’t include more pages than what is allowed.
  • The paper edges can be used as a guide to adjust the paper guide properly.
  • It’s essential to avoid using bent paper as this will result in a jam.
  • After inserting the paper, users should cautiously slide the paper tray into the printer.
  • The paper settings on the printer display should now be customized by users to their specific needs.
  • This information should have been sufficient for setting up the Canon Pixma TR4522 wireless printer. Contact Canon’s customer care staff right once if a user is unable to access the company’s official portal, ij.start.cannon.

4. How do I connect my smartphone to my Canon TR4522 printer?

Start the process of configuring the printer. Ensure that the printer is turned on. Press and hold the Menu button for three seconds. Download the Android app for Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY. First, open the Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY app. If you don’t already have the app, you can get it from Google Play.

5. How can I set up my Canon TR4522 printer to wirelessly print?

On your printer, turn Easy Wireless Connect.

  • Confirm that the printer is turned on.
  • Press and hold the Menu/Wireless Connect button for three seconds.
  • The printer is ready to accept the information needed to connect to the wireless network when the following screen appears.

6. How can I get my iPhone to print to my Canon TR4522 in the easiest way?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap the network name (SSID) that begins with “Canon ij_” in the Wi-Fi settings screen.

Back to the main screen of the program, choose the box next to Confirm that the printer is ready.

Click the Next button after checking the box. To connect the printer to a network, follow the on-screen instructions.

7. What steps do I need to follow in order to connect my Canon Pixma TR4522 to my computer?

Installation files can be downloaded.

  • After reading the documentation and taking note of any setup-related messages, choose Download.

Press the Next button at the top of the first screen.

  • Select Install Helper after entering your computer’s Username and Password.
  • Choose the Start Setup option.
  • After reading the network security message, click Next.

8. How can I make my Canon TR4522 functional once more?

Follow these steps to reset the PIXMA TR4520 / TR4522’s different settings.

To open the Setup menu, press the Setup button on the operating panel.

  • Press and hold the button for a couple of seconds if the Device Settings box appears. To confirm, click OK.
  • Keep pressing the button until “Reset setting” appears. Next, click the OK button.

9. What steps do I need to follow in order to replace the ink in my Canon Pixma TR4520?

  • Ink cartridge replacement or reseating is necessary.
  • Open the front cover of the printer and turn it on (C).
  • The paper output tray (D) is turned.
  • Take out any paper that has gathered in the cassette.
  • Remove the cover from the paper output.
  • The cartridge holder (E) has to be relocated in order to be replaced.
  • Depress the cartridge completely until you hear a click.
  • Remove the cartridge from the device.

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