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Canon Printer Error Code 5800 Solution

We’ll talk about this error and show you how to resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5800 in a few easy steps in this blog post. If you follow the straightforward troubleshooting steps made by Canon Printer specialists, Error Code 5800 can be quickly erased.

Error 5800 indicates that the waste ink counter has been reset. (Multiple bursts of orange and yellow light). It is usually necessary to reset Canon printers in order to return them to their default settings. After a substantial quantity of printer activity, the Canon printer needs to be reset. The error code 5800 will typically be displayed on the monitor and the Canon printer will typically alternately glow orange and green if it has to be reset. Then, in order to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, you must follow the suggestions made by printer tech support specialists.

1. Solutions for Canon Printer Error Code 5800

To resolve this error, follow the steps or solutions given.

Solution 1: The Waste Ink Absorber needs to be changed.

To resolve this issue for good, replace the waste ink absorber as shown below.

-Press the “Power” button after that.

-Switch the Canon printer off, but leave it plugged in. Press the “Power” button after that while still holding the “Stop/Reset” button.

Hold down the “Power” button after that.

-Leave the Canon printer plugged in but turned off. Press the “Power” button next while still holding down the “Stop/Reset” button.

-Go into service mode.

-The printer enters service mode when you release the “Power” and “Stop/Reset” buttons (in any order). (Awaiting menu option.)

To stop or reset, click the button.

-The LED changes colors from orange to green, starting with orange, when you press the “Stop/Reset” button.

-Set your Canon printer to print.

-Turn the printer off and then back on.

-Check to check if the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 has been fixed. Otherwise, move on to the following option.

Solution 2: Switch the Canon printer into service mode so that you can use it.

In order to help with the solution’s resolution, the Canon printer should be put into service mode. Verify that the ink absorber pad is viewed as empty rather than full by your Canon printer. Please clean the ink deposit and clear it a little with a napkin if you can open your printer. The steps are listed below.

Turn on your Canon multifunction printer to get started.

-Select the menu option on the printer next.

-To put service mode, press the “SCAN,” “COPY,” and “SCAN” buttons in that order on your Canon printer. Please be aware that the service mode menu is only available in English, just as a computer’s BIOS.

-The “COUNTER ACCESS” option will appear once you reach pressing the “+” key. Press the OK button once you are there.

-The printer’s display will now show a page counter. The number indicates how many pages were printed in total.

-then click “OK” on your keyboard.

-You must now click the “COPY” button.

-Use the “-key” to set this score to 0. (0). Press the “OK” button now.

-Until you reach SCAN PAGE COUNT, use the + symbol to traverse the menu. The score on our Canon printer’s page counter, which is only displayed when the printer is in service mode, must be reset to zero (0) in order to remove it.

-Navigate the menu until you reach the “ABS-M DON’T COUNT” option. To reset this score to a zero, click the “OK” button (0).

-Press the stop/reset button once you’ve turned off everything else.

-By pressing the on/off button, you can turn your printer on and off.

-If, after completing this process, the INVALID KEY warning shows on your computer screen, disconnect and reconnect the printer’s power cable.

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